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Simple silhouettes and cutouts...

I'm on the brink of fading out

1/16/09 10:25 am - Oh, how I love Rhode Island-isms

the mob runs everything

That's my contention
and I don't want to step on their toes because then I'd be found dead, drowned in a vat of Autocrat coffee syrup.

and as delicious as that might be you're still dead at the end of the day

Also sticky

1/12/09 06:50 pm - Skydiving!

Here are some pictures from my skydive in Nevada, it was so much fun!!!


12/24/08 11:57 am - road trip odds and ends

I'm leaving on Friday and I'll be back on Monday, January 5th.

While I'm gone I'll be posting to a blog dedicated just to the trip...if you want to follow along:

Also, my flickr site will be updated as I can (depending on where I have internet access):

Read, enjoy, comment! My screen name will also be on mobile so if you want to send me messages feel free :) (AIM: SaraLD42 for those that don't have it)

See you all next year!!

12/3/08 07:14 pm

Is it bad that I'm eating with chopsticks at home because there were no clean forks and I was too lazy to wash one?

11/3/08 02:09 pm - Travel plans

I decided that I'm going to take some time after I graduate and go somewhere that I have never been before.

Right now I'm thinking Greece, but I have a lot of time to decide.

Any suggestions?

9/29/08 12:31 pm - Providence is way cooler than I previously thought

Nothing really beats wondering the streets of Providence in the middle of the night. I just wish I could have slept in this morning.

8/7/08 03:19 pm - I want (k)new knees...

Knee still sucks. I haven't been able to get any good exercise in lately and it's making me grumpy. I was really proud of myself and happy I was seeing results but now it's probably going to come to a standstill while I heal. I have seen real progress though. The emergency, size 12, pants I bought when my 10's were too tight are now too lose so that is something to celebrate in this whole endeavor.

I don't even know what is wrong with my knee. This is sort of the same thing that happened to my left knee in '06 but even then it was just some sort of mystery ailment. I went to the doctor, had x-rays and no one saw anything really wrong...it was just uncomfortable and making interesting sounds. It is a little worse with my right knee this time around because it's actually swelling, but even that has gone down considerably, I just really hope this isn't a long term problem.

I signed up for the CVS Downtoan 5K that is on 9/21 and I really want to be able to do it, but right now it's looking like it is going to be a 5K walk more than anything. Walking is still good for me, but I want to be a runner! Maybe I'll get there some day.

Mike found a Wii Fit last week so I've been playing that almost every day and it's so addictive. I played for almost an hour last night just trying to get a perfect score in the soccer ball game. He also grabbed his DDR from his old house and I've been trying that too as a form of less strenuous exercise. I'm pretty uncoordinated so it's been interesting so far but that is addictive to and I really like it and it *almost* makes up for not being able to run except for the fact that after active video game time my knee still feels funky.

In other news...today marks my one year mark as a graduate student counselor at Enrollment Services. It's kind of sad, but it's been the longest I've held a steady, almost every day kind of job. I did work at the tutoring center for almost two years but that was more fun than anything else and it didn't have the same restrictions as regular employment. So, I'm happy and proud for all my recent acheivements :)

7/31/08 08:24 am - Workout stuff and other tidbits...

Workout stuff...Collapse )

Other tidbits...Collapse )

Other than that life is kind of boring. I'm working more, and waiting for classes to start so I can get a break from the monotony.

7/22/08 08:57 pm - Week 2 (7/14, 7/17, 7/19)

Week 2: Run 1 minutes/ Walk 4 minutes, repeat 9 times

Saturday morning I did my last of workout for week 2 and I totally wanted to die. I had done the previous two workouts in the evening slightly before it was turning dark and it was a manageable temperature outside. Saturday morning around 10/11 was just deadly...but I completed the whole thing and felt extremely proud, albeit very sweaty and melty feeling as well. Two weeks down and 9 to go until this workout is over and I can move on to bigger and better things. I Think I may want to try for a 5K race at some point in the future.

All in all, I'm feeling good and I'm glad to be doing this. :)

iPod Nike+ stats and route map (if you're interested)Collapse )

7/17/08 03:43 pm - Brown!!

A week from Friday I'm meeting with people at the Brown Sciences Library about the possibility of an internship. I'm pretty stoked, yay!!
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