I'm not your star (pididdle) wrote,
I'm not your star

holy whoa

I haven't posted about this publicly yet but my mind is kind of bursting so I figured I'd say hey to the old livejournal.

Aaron and I have been talking about getting new jobs somewhere and just up and moving to a completely new and different place. Since I have a very specific niche that I work it, it's a lot easier for me to pinpoint available jobs to apply to. I applied to about five that were all over the place. I really didn't expect much because it was done mostly on a whim and I just used stock resumes and cover letters.

One place called me back to schedule a phone interview. That interview happened yesterday. We talked for about 10 minutes, I choked and couldn't think of any questions to ask when it came to my turn and it was over. I figured I bombed it.

Ten minutes later I get a call back and they want to invite me for an in-person interview. Travel expenses are reimbursed. Very unexpected.

For the remainder of the night I'm excited, scared, confused and pretty much every feeling I could be. I spent time alternating between travel arrangements for the interview (less than a week to plan) and crying my eyes out at the grandeur of it all.

Aaron is amazingly supportive and will be traveling with me to decide if it is a place we want to live if I'm offered the job, but at the same time he is vague and nonchalant about the different options which is somewhat frustrating. He says he will be okay with either decision that it comes to (staying or moving) but a part of me wants him to sway me one way or the other if it comes to it. I guess I'd want him to be super excited about moving because that would help me cope or something.

I've never had an opportunity like this. I've sent out hundred of applications since I graduated college. Everything has been more or less local.

I don't know how I'd handle being away from family, or how my family would handle me moving away.

I'm overthinking this now, but I guess I kind of want to know what my decision would be before I even have to make it. They may not offer me a job and all this stress would be worthless and moot.

Next weekend I'm going to the biggest little city in the world and I need to decide if I could live there.

Reno, baby.
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Oh wow!! Thats great! No wonder why its so nerve racking!
Thats super exciting- I'm kinda overwhelmed just reading about it. Whatever you choose, wherever you go, you'll rock it, so be relaxed and enjoy!

Deleted comment

When I leave this one you should apply for it! (Though it would be a far commute from RI.)
Awesome! I hope that it turns out to be all that you're hoping for. :) It is a good distance away, but unfortunately, you have to be willing to leave the pond if you want to swim with the big fishies. Whatever happens, have fun out there when you visit. :D
Good luck!!! :D
Excellent post I must say.. Simple but yet interesting and engaging.. Keep up the awesome work!

Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic